Posted on: August 23, 2009 3:01 pm

Any Good Rookie RB's in Fantasy this year?

It looks like a weak year in fantasy Rookie Running Backs.  Who do you think will light it up?  I say no one! I thought Knowshon Moreno would be the elite runner or maybe Beanie Wells.  Unfortunately, they both look injury prone and buried on the depth charts behind proven vets.  Even Donald Brown, who has looked the best out of the elite 3 Rookie Running Backs, is behind Joseph Addai.  So that leaves the rest.  You've got LeSean McCoy, Shonn Greene, Glen Coffee, and a bunch of virtually unknowns.  I like the way the aforementioned mid-level guys have done so far in preseason.  I think they are poised to do just as good as the elite bunch of first rounders.  In my opinion, only Donald Brown stands to be an impact fantasy stud his rookie season.  As far as #2 impact rookie, I'll go out on a limb and pick a dark horse.  How about James Davis from Cleveland.  He was a stud at Clemson and slipped in the draft due to a so-so senior year.  I think he was a steal and he looks great in preseason.  Jamal Lewis is old and running out of gas.  Look for James Davis to be the SOD. i.e.(Steal Of the Draft!) 

P.S. Trust me, Boobie knows his Running Backs!

Posted on: June 29, 2009 5:57 pm

Summer is Here and So R the Hotties!!!

Just wanted everyone 2 know that Boobie Loves Sports but as I was taking my Latest 5 mile Run Last night down by the beach here in Lovely St. Joseph Michigan I Noticed that the Ladies were out looking Lovely!!!  So I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to remind everyone to take the time out away from Sports and to stop and smell the Roses.... Take a look around, IT'S SUMMER!!! Thant means all the shorties R wearing their Summer Dresses and their Bikinis!!!  The view in your neck of the woods should be Amazing as I know because Boobie has been all around this vast country and I've seen them with my own eye's!!! So get out and put on your Shades so your not so obvious and Enjoy!!! Haha!!! Remember Sports R Cool But Nothing Beats Boobie Myles when it comes 2 Boobie's!!! Nothing!!! Haha!!! No Go out and Have some fun!!! Here's a link 2 see my old gir Heidi!!!! She's one that got away from Boobie so she's fair game now!! Good Luck!! Wink
Posted on: June 24, 2009 1:25 pm

Welcome 2 the world of Boobie Myles!

 First of all let me say that this is gonna be Fun!!!  Secnd of all let me tell you that this Blog is also going 2 be unconventional and should be taken with an open mind and a grain of salt! So lets get this Party Started!  I'm going 2 start by doing 100 push-ups right now! Literally!  WHEW!!!  Hellz yeah!!!  That was Awesome!! I still got it!! haha Money mouth  Hey if your still with me let me tell you a little about myself.... I love Football and I was Unbelievable... I'm still pretty fast for an Old Guy and I'm really into Asian Girls!  I mean it... I absolutely Love them!! So if your an Oriental Shawty I want 2 meet you and I'll send you an autographed pic of me if I think your Hot... & I probably will if your Asian!! Ok, I also love basketball, running and working out... I believe that your body is your temple, so take really good care of it... When I was young I took 4 granted my God Given abilities and now I understand that youth really is wasted on the young! Some say that I'm just a washed up Super Stud Athlete but I say that I'm a Wise Cagey Shewd Old Veteran that still has a lot 2 offer... Even if I'm not blowing up the highlight reels anymore... I can still give all kinds of great advise from my past experiences and I am a good talker and even better listener, Believe it or not!  I'll be glad 2 read your blog if you give it 2 me! (Yes I can Read!)  I actually did Graduate from College!  I stress 2 all the Little Ballers 2 finish your education no matter what! Stay in School cause later in life... that's whats really Cool!!!!  I still like my Rap! Big Props 2 Public Enemy and Terminator X!!! Still have your Towel!!! Still Love 2 Rock the Black Nikes!!! Nothin' holds a Nickel next 2 Nikes!!! Gotta send a shout out 2 Asics now 2 though... Great running shoe!! If you want 2 find me you can catch me at the Olive Garden puttin down some Italian Food! I also Love Chinese, Filipino, and Mexican food!! Thanks Chavez!!!! Couple of Quick Last Thoughts before I bounce... Lets Go Dallas Cowboys, the Playoffs R Yourz!!!  Great Job Obama... Nice 2 have a Black President to give us Hope! Yes We Can America!!(Big Shout Out 2 Mike Honcho Freelancin 2 Freedom!) Anything can be acheived if you put your mind 2 it!!! Good Luck 2 Michael Vick.... I know he's Contrite and He'll make it all the way back!!!  You've got Boobie Prayin 4 Ya!! Innocent & God Bless all the races... Red, White, Brown, Black and Especially the Asian Shawtys!!! Mmmmmmmm!!!! Haha!!! Peace!!! Oh and Always Remember 2 do everything with clear eyes & Love & Joy in your Hearts...Lets put each other in our hearts Forever because forever is about 2 happen! I want you all 2 close your Eyes and think about Boobie Myles... Because I am Your BROTHER! and whatever it is your doing... I would DIE 2 B out there with you 2night.. And I want you 2 put that into your Hearts... My Heart is Full! Thanks 4 reading my Blog... Now you're PERFECT!!!! Cool
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